Error "Route [login] not defined" while access the backend /cmsadmin/

  • If you see this error while access http://your-domain/cmsadmin/
  • This means you did not install Laravel Auth
  • Can be fixed by the below commands:
// Laravel 5.x
php artisan make:auth && php artisan migrate
// Laravel 6.x
composer require laravel/ui && php artisan ui vue --auth

How to log into the backend /cmsadmin/ ?

  • Amila CMS uses your existing Laravel user system, So What's the admin user?
  • You need to log in with the FIRST USER of your site (user_id = 1)
  • You can add more admin users by change the admin_ary in config/laravel-cms.php
  • If you don't have any existing user, then register a new one via http://your-domain/register