How to install Amila Laravel CMS to an existing Laravel project/website (Support Laravel 5.x & Laravel 6.x)

  1. Make sure you already configured the database in the .env
  2. Go to your existing Laravel project folder and install it via composer & Initialize the CMS (You can set up a database table prefix and locale language here)
composer require alexstack/laravel-cms && php artisan laravelcms

After installation:

  1. Default frontend: http://yourdomain/cms-home (You can change the /cms-home to anything you want, even change it to /  )
  2. Default backend: http://yourdomain/cmsadmin (You can change the /cmsadmin to anything you want, eg. /my-admin  )

How to access the backend?

  1. Access the backend with the exists FIRST USER of your site
  2. The first user means the user with id=1, please ask the administrator if you don't know who is the first user 

Installation screenshot

How to set up a brand new Laravel 6.x website & install our CMS

  • It's good for a local test
// Install Laravel 6.x & the CMS package
composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel cms && cd cms && composer require alexstack/laravel-cms

// Then you need to change the database settings in the .env, after that initialize CMS
cd cms & vi .env
php artisan laravelcms

// Or initialize the CMS with silent mode
php artisan laravelcms --action=initialize --locale=en --table_prefix=cms_  --silent=yes

// Enable auth system for Laravel 6.x
composer require laravel/ui && php artisan ui vue --auth && php artisan migrate

// Config the document root to point to the cms/public then you can access the backend
// Tips: You will need register a new user, the first user will be the admin user