• homepage_route: This is the frontend homepage. By default it is /cms-home, you can change it to / then remove the existing / route in the routes/web.php
# Change homepage_route to /  in config/laravel-cms.php
'homepage_route'    => env('LARAVEL_CMS_HOMEPAGE_ROUTE', '/'),

# Remove the existing / route in the routes/web.php

// Route::get('/', function () {
//     return view('welcome');
// });
  • page_route_prefix: This is the frontend page prefix. By default it is /cms-, it will match path like /cms-*. You can change it to a folder like /xxx/ or anything like xxx-, eg. Page- Article-
'page_route_prefix' => env('LARAVEL_CMS_PAGE_PREFIX', '/Article-'),
  • admin_route: This is the backend admin page route, By default, it is /cmsadmin
'admin_route'       => env('LARAVEL_CMS_BACKEND_ROUTE', '/admin2019'),
  • After changing the route, you will need to run below commands:
    • php artisan laravelcms --action=clear
    • It will do the following things:
      Configuration cache cleared!
      Route cache cleared!
      Re-create the setting file: storage\app\laravel-cms\settings.php