Let's say you want a website and a mobile app, or a web app. You need a RESTful JSON API CMS which can output JSON data for you.

That is a "Laravel Headless CMS" stands for, maybe a REST API is what you prefer. Or you just need a simple JSON data API from a page.
The Amila Laravel CMS can do that for you as well, let's become a Headless Laravel CMS in 10 seconds:

  1.  Step One: Set system.allow_json_response to Yes on the settings page
  2.  Done

How to use the API to get JSON data?

  1. Send a parameter response_type=json to the page URL. eg. /cms-about-us.html?response_type=json
  2. Done

What JSON data you will receive from the API? You will receive below JSON object data:

  1. menus
  2. page
  3. file_data

Here is a JSON response data example from a page: