What the best way to custom your own Laravel CMS blade template? Short words: Copy & Paste & Change.

The following steps will show you how to create your own frontend template:

  1. The default frontend blade template folder is  your-laravel-project/resources/views/vendor/laravel-cms/frontend
  2. Copy this frontend folder to another folder with a different name, eg. new-template-2020 (Keep the old one for compare & switch )
  3. Custom & design your own blade.php template files and put them in the folder new-template-2020/
  4. Change theme_name and blade_files in the new-template-2020/config.php , those fields will show on the backend setting page
  5. Go to the backend CMS setting page & individual page setting section, choose your new template and test it.

Some notes:

  1. Do not change the files in your-laravel-project/resources/views/vendor/laravel-cms/frontend, as it may override when upgrading the CMS.
  2. Please use pure English letters for the template folder name, no space, and no special characters.
  3. Please keep the *.blade.php filename the same if you want to smoothly switch from different templates/themes.