Amila Laravel CMS 1.x will not focus on the user system, it uses the existing Laravel user system. By default, the CMS has 3 admin roles:

        'cms_admin'           => [
            'super_admin'      => [1],
            'web_admin'        => [1],
            'content_admin'    => [1],

[1] is an array contains user ids. For example, below code is set up user id 1,3,28 as super_admin,  user id 5, 9, 27 as web_admin:

        'cms_admin'           => [
            'super_admin'      => [1,3,28],
            'web_admin'        => [5,9,27],
            'content_admin'    => [1],

Currently,  the 3 admin roles do not have too many different:

  1. super_admin: Can do everything
  2. web_admin: Will hide the system & plugin section from the cms setting page
  3. content_admin: Will only show the global section on the cms setting page

There is an admin_role javascript variable to indicate the current user role in the backend. eg.

        var admin_route = "/cmsadmin";
        var admin_role  = "super_admin";

You can use the admin_role with jQuery to do some tricks like hiding something for the different admin roles.

How to do the changes?

You can find the predefined JSON data at system.cms_admin, do not forget to add your own user_id when you edit it.