• Run below command in your Laravel project folder.
  • It will ask whether you want to copy the new view, asset and language files to your project
    composer require alexstack/laravel-cms && php artisan laravelcms --action=upgrade
    Note: add --silent=yes will automatically override the blade template files, js/css files, language files 
  • Screenshot of upgrade the Laravel CMS
$ php artisan laravelcms --action=upgrade --silent=yes
**** Upgrade Amila Laravel CMS ****
Nothing to migrate.
- Backup folder: views/backend-bak-20190920003649
- Backup folder: views/frontend-bak-20190920003649
- Backup folder: plugins/page-tab-inquiry-form-bak-20190920003649
- Backup folder: plugins/page-tab-preview-bak-20190920003649
Copied Directory [/vendor/alexstack/laravel-cms/src/resources/views] To [/resources/views/vendor/laravel-cms]
Publishing complete.
- Backup folder: public/laravel-cms/backend-bak-20190920003649
- Backup folder: public/laravel-cms/frontend-bak-20190920003649
Copied Directory [/vendor/alexstack/laravel-cms/src/assets] To [/public/laravel-cms]
Publishing complete.
- Backup folder: lang/en-bak-20190920003649
- Backup folder: lang/zh-bak-20190920003649
Copied Directory [/vendor/alexstack/laravel-cms/src/resources/lang] To [/resources/lang/vendor/laravel-cms]
Publishing complete.
Configuration cache cleared!
Configuration cached successfully!
Route cache cleared!
Re-create the setting file: storage\app\laravel-cms\settings.php
**** Laravel CMS Upgraded ****