Uninstall the CMS is easy and will automatically remove the related database tables & files for you.

What you need to do is run below command in your Laravel project folder:

// Uninstall the CMS
php artisan laravelcms --action=uninstall

Screenshot of the output of uninstalling command

$ php artisan laravelcms --action=uninstall
**** UNINSTALL Amila Laravel CMS ****

 **** Remove the CMS database tables? **** (yes/no) [yes]:

Rolling back: 2019_09_11_114204_create_cms_settings_table
Rolled back:  2019_09_11_114204_create_cms_settings_table
Rolling back: 2019_09_11_114204_create_cms_inquiry_settings_table
Rolled back:  2019_09_11_114204_create_cms_inquiry_settings_table
Rolling back: 2019_09_11_114204_create_cms_inquiries_table
Rolled back:  2019_09_11_114204_create_cms_inquiries_table
Rolling back: 2019_08_16_075528_add_foreign_keys_to_cms_pages_table
Rolled back:  2019_08_16_075528_add_foreign_keys_to_cms_pages_table
Rolling back: 2019_08_16_075502_create_cms_files_table
Rolled back:  2019_08_16_075502_create_cms_files_table
Rolling back: 2019_08_16_075501_create_cms_pages_table
Rolled back:  2019_08_16_075501_create_cms_pages_table

 **** Remove the CMS folders and files? **** (yes/no) [yes]:

**** Delete folder: \www\laravel002.test\blog57\resources/views/vendor/laravel-cms
**** Delete folder: \www\laravel002.test\blog57\resources/lang/vendor/laravel-cms
**** Delete folder: \www\laravel002.test\blog57\public\laravel-cms
**** Delete file: \www\laravel002.test\blog57\config/laravel-cms.php
**** Delete folder: \www\laravel002.test\blog57\storage\app/laravel-cms
**** **** Done **** **** **** Remove the CMS package **** **** **** Please run below composer command manually **** composer remove alexstack/laravel-cms **** **** Could you tell me why you uninstall it? **** **** Feedback: https://github.com/AlexStack/Laravel-CMS/issues **** Sorry to see you leave, Have a good day! ****