Move your mouse to the label of the input field, it will display the usage help text.

Normally, The usage of text input or text area input are {{ $page->field_name }}, examples:

{{$page->title}}   {!! $page->main_content !!}   {!! $page->sub_content !!}

{!! $page->extra_text_1 !!}  {!! $page->extra_content_1 !!}

< body class="cms-page {{$page->template_file}} slug-{{str_replace('.html', '', $page->slug) }}" id="cms-page-{{$page->id}}"

For image/banner, it is {{$helper->imageUrl($file_data->image_field_name, width ,height) }}

{{$helper->imageUrl($file_data->$main_image, 300, 200) }}

{{$helper->imageUrl($file_data->$extra_image_1, 1000 ,'auto') }}

How to find the field_name?

The field name is the same as the database table field name &  same as JSON API field name as below:

Click here to display a JSON API DATA from our website, it will show you almost all the available page content variables you can use in the template.